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NBA faces gender discrimination lawsuit

Working mothers in Minnesota have many demands placed on their daily schedules. Meeting work deadlines, being at the school play and home in time for homework and cooking dinner, all play a role. And while it may seem like a lot, the majority of mothers are completely capable of juggling this balancing act, without compromising their work.

Yet, some employers remain prejudiced against moms, believing that working mothers with young children are not able to produce the same quality and quantity of work as other employees. When these types of mindsets start to dictate how mothers are treated on the job, not only is this unacceptable, but it could also be grounds for a gender discrimination lawsuit.

This is the claim currently being made by several mothers who had worked for the NBA. Together, they are claiming that the gender discrimination they encountered at the NBA created a hostile work environment and an unmanageable schedule that forced them to leave their jobs simply because they have childcare responsibilities.

In addition, these women claim they suffered discrimination in the form of reduced compensation and promotional opportunities because of their gender and the fact that they have young children.

For example, though at least one of the women had worked for the NBA for 10 years on a regular daytime schedule, once she went on maternity leave, the NBA management unnecessarily changed her hours requiring her to work well into the evening. Unable to afford the added expenses of additional childcare — and unable to be two places at the same time — she was forced to resign from her position with the NBA.

By bringing this $3 million gender discrimination lawsuit against the basketball league, these former employees of the NBA are hoping to expose the practice of open hostility displayed towards working women with young children at the NBA.

Source: The Washington Post, “Ex-NBA employee files $3M gender discrimination NY lawsuit, saying NBA is unfair to mothers,” Oct. 23, 2012

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