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Man sexually assaulted at work and not believed sues his employer

If you asked a random person on the streets of St. Paul if they liked their job, chances are they’d say no. But sometimes, it’s not for the reasons most people might think. Sometimes, it’s because they are in a hostile work environment but get little relief from management who may not be doing anything to remedy the situation. While this is against federal employment laws, we see situations like this happening in states across the nation.

Residents here in Minnesota are seeing such a situation play out right now in California where a former Chili’s employee endured sexual harassment from his coworkers but didn’t receive any relief from management after he complained. He has now taken his case to court in the form of a sexual harassment lawsuit in the hopes of finally receiving justice for the awful treatment he had to endure.

In his complaint, the former short-order cook says that he was repeatedly subjected to unwanted physical touching from his coworkers. During one particular encounter with a group of coworkers, who have been named in the suit, the plaintiff claims that he was sexually assaulted then told not to tell anyone. After this incident, he says the lives of himself and his family were threatened by one of the men.

The man complained to two separate members of the management team about the numerous instances, but says that his complaints were brushed off. He claims that management failed to remedy the situation or discipline the accused coworkers, leading to an increasingly hostile work environment.

After taking his complaints his complaints to the police, the man filed his lawsuit with a court judge where he hopes to finally receive relief in his case. He is currently suing for compensatory and punitive damages as well as lost wages and benefits as a result of him having to leave the hostile working environment.

Source: Courthouse News, “Cook Says Chili’s Tolerated Sexual Attack,” Barbara Wallace, Sept. 3, 2013