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Without a doubt, one of the proudest moments in the lives of any health care professional is when they are able to walk across the stage, clad in cap and gown, to receive their diploma. That’s because this moment, however fleeting, is the culmination of years of intensive academic work and personal sacrifice, and marks the start of a promising career.

Indeed, the majority of these graduates will go on to secure professional licenses granting them the ability to provide care to patients across their home state.

Unfortunately, some of these health care professionals — physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists — may someday find all of this hard work, including their professional license, at risk due to unfortunate developments or circumstances that are simply beyond their control.

Those who hold health care licenses here in Minnesota are subject to rules set forth by the licensing boards governing their respective professions. Such licensing boards include the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, the Minnesota Board of Nursing, Minnesota Board of Dentistry, and the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy.  

When a health care professional is accused of violating any of these rules, they face possible discipline in the form of license suspension and even license revocation.

Some of the more common allegations that health care professionals face from licensing boards include falsification of records, substance abuse/addiction issues, unprofessional conduct, practicing while impaired and conviction on a criminal matter that correlates to overall fitness to practice, to name only a few.

When facing these very serious allegations, it’s imperative for health care professionals to consider doing everything within their power to protect their career and their reputation. This may include retaining the services of an experienced legal professional.

At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″], we have extensive experience in the area of professional license defense and understand just how much is at stake for our clients. As such, we provide comprehensive representation designed to uncover the truth about the allegations and thoroughly prepare clients for any hearings before a licensing board.

To learn more about how we can help, please visit our “Professional License Defense” page.  

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