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Minnesota MDs and corrective action agreements

As a physician, you’ve worked hard to earn your medical degree, establish yourself in the field and build a successful practice. That’s precisely why it can be so unnerving to learn that the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice is investigating a written complaint/report filed against you, as everything you’ve worked for — including your professional reputation — may be in jeopardy.

In these situations, it’s very important not to panic as this investigation may ultimately clear you of any wrongdoing. Furthermore, it’s important to understand that the outcome of this process is not always a severe disciplinary measure such as a restricted or even a suspended license.

Indeed, the Complaint Review Committee, a three-member board tasked with the review of “pending disciplinary offers and petitions,” may recommend what is known as an Agreement for Corrective Action.

The corrective action was introduced by state lawmakers back in 1993 as an alternative for addressing complaints against physicians and other medical professionals who fall under the jurisdiction of the board.

In general, it is a contractual agreement between the CRC and the physician that he or she will take certain remedial measures to address the issues raised in the complaint.

It’s important to understand, however, that corrective action is typically reserved for less serious complaints. For example, when the primary issue in the complaint can be traced to a general lack of knowledge on the part of the physician, there’s a good chance the CRC will mandate some sort of education program and/or training regimen in the corrective action agreement.

Indeed, corrective action should not be confused with the far more stringent disciplinary orders handed down by the Board, something we will examine in a future post.

Consider speaking with an experienced and dedicated legal professional as soon as possible if you recently received a letter from the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice and would like to learn more about license defense.

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