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Helping Baby Boomers plan for the next chapter

It goes without saying that determination, optimism and confidence are just a few of the traits that have come to define the Baby Boomer generation. Indeed, it’s traits like these that have helped many Boomers achieve significant success on both a personal and professional level over the years.

It appears as if the prospect of imminent retirement isn’t necessarily slowing many of them down either, as financial experts have indicated that many of their Boomer clients have been hard at work on their retirement plans in order to ensure that they’ll have sufficient resources to live their golden years on their own terms.

As admirable as this is, these same financial experts have also indicated that many Boomers have overlooked an otherwise vital task in their efforts to solidify their retirement finances: estate planning.

While there is no singular reason behind the phenomenon of Boomers failing to put the necessary estate plan in place, some of the prevailing theories are that they, like most other people, don’t want to address the prospect of their own demise, and simple procrastination.

This is certainly understandable. However, it’s important for Boomers not to jeopardize the decades of hard work they’ve put into accumulating assets and wisely managing their investments by failing to execute a comprehensive estate plan.

Taking this crucial step allows Boomers to not only make sure that these hard-earned assets are distributed in accordance with their precise wishes, but also serve to spare their surviving family members from legal disputes and minimize tax consequences.

At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-2″], P.A., our skilled attorneys will always take the time to explain the law, outline the available options, and execute a customized and altogether effective estate planning strategy.

This strategy may include everything from executing a trust or simple will to creating a health care directive and power of attorney.

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