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Examining the complaint process as it relates to licensed MN dentists – V

Over the course of four posts, we’ve explored the process by which the Minnesota Board of Dentistry receives, processes and responds to complaints alleging violations of the Minnesota Dental Practice Act by dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants. Indeed, the only thing missing has been an exploration of some of the more punitive actions that can be taken by the Board, something we’ll discuss in today’s post.

Once it’s been firmly established that disciplinary action must be taken against a licensed dental professional, the Board has multiple options at its disposal, all of which range in severity.

Two of the more common disciplinary measures that can be taken against dental professionals include either a conditional license or a limited license.

In the former, the dental professional is allowed to continue practicing as they normally would, but must satisfy certain conditions within a designated timeframe before their full license will be reinstated. In the latter, the dental professional is also allowed to continue practicing albeit in a strictly defined capacity. These restrictions on practicing may be lifted if certain conditions are satisfied.

Another decidedly more stringent disciplinary measure that can be taken by the Board includes a suspension, which means that a dental professional is expressly forbidden from practicing in any capacity for a predetermined period.

By far the most severe disciplinary measure that can be handed down by the Board, however, is revocation, meaning the dental professional’s license is taken away permanently, leaving them unable to practice in the state of Minnesota.

The purpose of the foregoing conversation was not to unnecessarily frighten any dental professional facing possible disciplinary action by the Board, but rather to impress upon them just how high the stakes can be and why it’s so important to consider retaining the services of a skilled legal professional during these trying times.