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Helping MN medical professionals understand more about the HPSP

As a licensed medical professional, no one knows more about the value of hard work. That’s because to get to this point, you’ve invested countless hours, endless energy and significant resources into securing the necessary education and training. Simply put, your dedication to your craft and your patients cannot be questioned.

In light of all this, it’s understandable how medical professionals who are struggling with mental health issues and/or addiction may feel as if they have no options, concerned about their current state yet understandably not wanting to part with the license they’ve worked so hard to earn.

Consequently, many licensed medical professionals will turn to the Minnesota Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP) of their own free will, imagining that it will be able to provide them with the assistance they so desperately need.

While it’s true that the HPSP can provide help to those medical professionals who self-report, it’s important to understand that this help may come at a cost.

Indeed, it may come as a surprise to learn that in certain scenarios, the HPSP will actually report people to their licensing board, thereby subjecting them to the very professional harm they sought to avoid in the first place.

In light of this reality, it’s imperative for medical professionals with mental health and/or chemical dependency issues who are considering self-reporting to the HPSP to consider speaking with an experienced legal professional who can discuss their rights and outline all of their options beforehand.

At the [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], we have significant experience helping medical professionals here in Minnesota navigate the HPSP. We understand how difficult things have been up to this point,  and are committed to helping you get back on the right path without compromising your livelihood and your license.

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