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State cosmetology board to introduce extensive changes

Big changes are apparently coming for the cosmetology industry in Minnesota as the state board that regulates the industry looks to increase quality control. The Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners, the body responsible for licensing and disciplining cosmetologists, is reportedly going to be making big changes with the aim of improving the profession and making it easier to monitor cosmetologists.  

Among these changes are plans to double the amount of inspectors checking in on salons around the state, as well as introduce changes to hundreds of rules governing salon operations.

Of particular concern is infection control, which is apparently a common problem at salons. The current rules are said to be rather vague with regard to preventing infections, and inspectors have noticed issues because of this. The proposed changes are expected to allow inspectors to spend less time educating licensees on this issue and more time focusing on other areas that need attention. 

The Board of Cosmetology Examiners, like other professional licensing boards, routinely conducts investigations into licensees who are accused of violating licensure requirements or of engaging in professional misconduct. Those who become the subject of a board investigation can be overwhelmed by the prospect of losing their job, their license, and their reputation. An experienced advocate can help.

Our firm has extensive experience representing professionals in disciplinary proceedings, and is committed to zealously representing the interests of our clients. We understand that your license is your livelihood, and will ensure that you have the best possible representation in the disciplinary process.

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