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Nurses who suffer from depression can face a tough road

Nursing is a tough profession. Many nurses deal with the trials of life and the horrors of death on a daily basis. While facing these types of events can be a daily occurrence, it doesn’t make them any easier to deal with.

As such, it’s not uncommon for nurses to suffer from depression. Many nurses might feel uneasy about making the fact that they suffer from this condition public. However, they shouldn’t have to, because depression is likely covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Employer notification might be a good idea

It is likely a good idea to notify your employer if you are suffering from depression that requires you to take medication. While this might not impact your ability to do your job, letting the employer know can help to cover you in case something does happen that calls your medication or mental health into the question.

Letting your employer know might also help you out if there is a reason why the depression would prevent you from doing your job. Under the ADA, the employer might have to make accommodations for you. If this isn’t possible, you might be able to file for disability.

Get the help you need

Some nurses don’t get the help they need, which can be a very serious problem. Failing to get the help they need can lead to even more serious issues. Suicide is a tragedy but some nurses feel like everything going on is just too much and there is no other way out.

One thing that might help nurses who are suffering from depression is going to support groups or seeking help from counselors. This might help you to learn about different options for coping with the effects of your job. It might also help if you try to focus on your personal life instead of on the things that happen at work.

Pay close attention at work

There is a chance that employers might hold the depression against you. If you feel like there are issues happening at work that are the result of your notification regarding the depression, you might be able to take action to get the situation rectified. For example, if they start to reduce your hours just because you noted that you are depressed or if you feel like you are being harassed. Make sure that you think carefully about these situations.