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Reasons why a nurse can lose a license

Nurses are an important part of the medical industry. They work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools and many other locations. No matter how well he or she performs his or her duties, a nurse can still face a hearing regarding his or her professional license. Here are some reasons why a nurse can lose a license in Minnesota:

One of the quickest ways a nurse can risk losing his or her professional license is by impersonating another practitioner. This happens more often than people think and employers sometimes don’t discover it for years.

Any nurse who provides a false copy of his or her license will likely have to defend his or her license in court. This is quite rare but it has happened. It usually occurs when a nurse has a suspended license and applies for a job using a forged copy of his or her license.

Putting any incorrect or false information in a patient’s records can also lead to the loss of a professional nursing license in Minnesota. This typically happens when a nurse has worked extra shifts or overtime and doesn’t want to properly complete the chart for a patient.

No list would be complete with patient neglect and abuse. This seems like an obvious reason for a nurse losing his or her license, but many people overlook it. Neglect and abuse can happen in two ways: The nurse made an honest mistake that harmed the patient or the nurse intentionally caused harm to the patient.

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