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When your physician and surgical license is in jeopardy

The patient complaints against you have become one too many. This is troubling for a physician and surgeon. You have invested in your career, diligently worked to establish it and have long been dedicated to your patients. However, now, your license to practice medicine is in jeopardy.

Allegations of misconduct are taken seriously by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. As a result, you face an investigation that even could lead to criminal charges. All that you worked for is on the line. You are frightened, anxious and nervous, but you understand that this represents the time to protect your career.

License suspension, civil penalties, more training

Physician-related complaints are typically in a quartet of categories: Lack of competence, impairment or chemical abuse, sexual misconduct and the inappropriate prescribing of medication.

When it comes to disciplinary action, the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice can do one of many things that include:

  • Revoking or suspending your license to practice medicine in the state.
  • Requiring you to pay civil penalties along with paying all court- and investigative-related costs that took place.
  • Ordering you to enroll in additional professional training.
  • Ordering you to cease treating certain illnesses as well as stop performing specific procedures.
  • Requiring you to enroll in suitable treatment programs in cases where you may have substance abuse or gambling addictions.
  • Requiring you to complete community service.
  • Issuing you a written reprimand.

You understand the seriousness of your predicament, and now you must face the board. However, do not take it upon yourself to do so alone. You need steady legal guidance; someone who can provide recommendations on making written statements, understanding what to disclose during investigative interviews and coping with requests regarding medical records.

Your years of dedication to your work and caring for your patients is now under threat. The accusations against you now lead you to fight for your professional life and reputation. Remember that the medical board’s decisions may follow you for years to come. Recovering from this situation is possible, and you will with the proper legal guidance.