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Age Discrimination Is Against The Law

In Minnesota, employment is generally at will. Under the law, employers can terminate the relationship for almost any reason – even just because they feel like it. What they cannot do is fire you because of your age.

If you have been fired from your job and you think your employer may have acted in a way that violated the law, talk with the attorneys at the Law Office of Sivertson and Barrette, P.A. Our St. Paul law firm offers free and confidential consultations to Minnesota employees.

We represent people from a wide range of industries in age discrimination actions. Our clients include health care professionals, hospitality employees, educators and education management professionals, construction workers, agriculture and farm laborers, engineers, commission sales people, waitresses, car dealer employees and executives.

Our law firm recently took on one of the largest global hotel management companies in four age discrimination lawsuits that have garnered widespread media attention. One of the employees had a 29-year exemplary work record and received the highest customer reviews at the hotel. She was fired after one of the owners at a management meeting described her as being old enough to be on Medicare, calling her age an “impediment.” At the Law Office of Sivertson and Barrette, P.A., we stand up for individual workers against even the largest, most powerful corporations. These recent age discrimination cases are examples of our determination to take on the David and Goliath fights to protect employees.

How Can You Tell That It’s Because Of Age?

In today’s economy, employers are tightening their belts. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether you were laid off legitimately, or if it was because of your age. The truth depends on the facts of your situation. No matter what, contacting a lawyer for a confidential consultation is always a good choice.

When people call us for a consultation, we often ask them whether they were the only one terminated from their job. If the answer is “no” – if other, older employees were also let go – it could be a sign that illegal age discrimination occurred.

We also look for other factors such as a history of satisfactory performance reviews throughout a career, with recent, negative performance reviews. Employers often make up dubious reasons for letting an employee go because they know it is illegal to terminate employment due to age.

Looking at who replaced you could also yield important clues as to whether you were terminated illegally. Replacing an older worker with a younger one can be a telltale sign of age discrimination.

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