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You aren’t powerless when confronted with sexual harassment

A Chicago-area Ford Motor plant made headlines earlier this month after it was hit with a lawsuit filed by four female employees alleging an “on-going pattern and practice of sexual harassment and discrimination … spanning more than two decades.”

While the exact details of the complaint are too lengthy to detail in a single blog post, it outlines a shocking array of “unwanted or unwelcome” conduct, including sexual advances, sexually charged comments, name-calling, offensive speech and touching.

What makes the complaint all the more disconcerting is that it discusses how the same plant was hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit over a decade ago and that the changes promised in the settlement were never implemented. Furthermore, it discusses how attempts to report the sexual harassment to upper management were essentially ignored.

The unfortunate reality is that this story is far from an anomaly. Rather it outlines a pattern of conduct that occurs at workplaces of all sizes, including right here in Minnesota.

If you find yourself in such hostile work environment, it’s incredibly important to know that you are not powerless and you do not have to silently endure these indignities. You deserve and are entitled to both equality and dignity in the workplace.  

At the [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], we understand how intimidating sexual harassment can be to victims, often leaving them afraid to go to work or fearful of retaliation for reporting the matter. However, we’re here to protect you and enforce your well-established rights under federal and state employment laws.

Our firm helped break ground in this area of the law, and has more than 30 years of experience helping people victimized by harassment pursue the justice they deserve.

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